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Welcome to SADPRO GmbH, an innovative and experienced production company specializing in visual artistic design and illustration. Our mission is to create a virtual reality of the inside world, blending art and technology to bring your creative visions to life.

Our Services

  • Visual Artistic Design: Crafting compelling visuals that captivate and engage.

  • Illustration: Bringing stories to life through detailed and imaginative artwork.

  • Virtual Reality Creation: Developing immersive experiences that transport users to new worlds.

Empowering the Next Generation

At SADPRO GmbH, we believe in the power of mentorship and hands-on experience. Our peer-to-peer skill training and work experience programs are designed to kickstart the careers of young aspiring professionals.

What We Offer

  • Skill Training: Learn from industry experts in design and media production.

  • Work Experience: Gain real-world experience working on live projects.

  • Personal Growth: Develop skills that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Join us at SADPRO GmbH and take the first step towards a bright and creative future!

Technological crafting of stage and filming locations: from stage architecture to accomplished scenery. nun muss das auch erneuert werden und angepasst zu inner vision


Architektur & New Space

Wir entwickeln und bauen Gebäude von Grund auf und kreieren zudem virtuelle Welten für Games und Showrooms.

Wir sind engagiert, eine hybrides Erlebnis anzubieten.


Stage scenery & Audio engineering

We provide stage visualization that's based on your request.
Sadpro has the expertise to choose a stage location as well as designing and producing custom-made backdrops, audio, music, costumes, presenting visuals that suit your projects.


Game development

Wir erwecken unsere Visionen in Games für die junge Generation zum Leben

Traineeships & Apprenticeships

We offer work experience to young people through a traineeship and apprenticeships to help you kickstart your career.

Through continuous and individual training you get hands-on knowledge and also the chance to put your skills into practice.




A is the visual brand identity created by Azita Sadeghi, Architect and CEO of SADPRO GmbH 

Initiator of Brain-Art, inside the world of children and youngster


Gino Boggio, Music department director, Co-founder of


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